Top Ten Perth Made Beers

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The local brew, sometimes good, sometimes bad but always worth a shot. Good local beers should have an attachment to the land and the raw materials, in good cases, should come from the local area . A local beer can tell a lot about an area, it can tell you what tastes are popular and it can tell you what the popular crops may be. It can also tell you very quickly if there is a competitive spirit among the local breweries. A good choice of local beers and a good selection of brewery tours can compete with a wine tour for a solid evenings entertainment.

top ten beers in Perth

What makes a number 1 Perth made beer/ale/stout etc.?

Before many of us even came to Australia we knew all about some of the quality it was churning out beer wise. Perth beers, stouts and the like are rightly up there with some of the best in the world. The cities and the states connoisseurs have little to be intimidated about in terms of the quality and variety on offer. In short a number one in this list is a drink that can overcome the serious competition in the area. The drink should be a million miles from a bland lager while at the same time it doesn’t overload the palate.

Why are the others in?

The choice criteria is relatively simple in this sense. Local beers simply need a flavour which is unique and doesn’t simply represent a flat, bland, tasteless lager. Sometimes unusual ones can get in (like the mango beer in this case) but in most cases the beer needs an interesting twist on what you would expect from a beer. The other nine on the list get in because above all they meet the choice criteria. In addition they all have their own unique flavour and not one is just a tired imitation of some bland global slop.

Final thoughts

A good local beer can go sour. Local beers can be at the mercy of small scale production problems and financial woes. Additionally there is nothing to say that a new beer can’t break through. As long as local beers come from local small scale breweries there will always be some degree of instability. Who could be the new favourite in town in the next few years? Who knows?

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