Top Ten Public Barbecues

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As an outsider Perth’s free barbies seem outlandishly generous. Honestly, it took me around 5 or so minutes to get my head around it. What was even more surprising was that the city has literally hundreds of them. Literally hundreds of free BBQs cover the parks and green areas of the city.

What gets a top Public Barbecue to number 1?

On a good day a Perth beach or park is truly amazing. So many locations have everything needed for a great day. For this reason competition is intense. A good view, local facilities and easy access are all factors when considering a good bbq spot and in many respects they are the most important factors when deciding a list like this.

Why are the others in the mix?

Views and nature are all important when you’re thinking of a great place to have a barbie. For that reason we picked a lot of beach/river side locations for our top ten. Honestly, almost all of the locations are truly fantastic and getting into the top ten really is a huge achievement considering the competition.

Final thoughts

After experiencing a lot of the free BBQ’s the city has to offer we think, for the most part, that they are best experienced with a big group. Sure, you can enjoy them with a party of two or three, but nothing compares to a big group seeing out an afternoon or evening with some great quality food and drink.


This article and it’s map are even more difficult to tie down than most. While all efforts were made to get concise locations, sources were relatively ambiguous. With this in mind readers may benefit from using street view and satellite view on google maps before they set out, as we cannot guarantee the locations will be situated at the exact spot provided.

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