Top Ten Snorkelling Spots

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In all truthfulness this top ten was possibly the most challenging of all. Snorkelling spots are very close to our hearts here at Top Ten Perth. Simply put there is nothing better than a still day, a snorkel mask and a bucket load of fish to look at. Looking up and down the Perth coast you can see a lot of rocks dotted parallel to sun scorched beaches, begging for you to go and explore. This said everyone should be aware of the safety aspects of snorkelling especially in the shark active waters of Western Australia.

nice snorkelling pic here, looks pretty calm too which is pretty important when it comes to snooping on the fishes

What makes Mettams Pool number 1?

Perth. Snorkelling. Is. Amazing. So much so that we didn’t struggle at all with our list. A number one snorkelling spot should be like something from a paradise island movie in which the main character survives on a diet of coconut and speared fish. The understated nature of Perths snorkelling spots cannot, and we really mean it, is long overdue a review. The rugged rocks hug the coastline for kilometres and the fish are so plentiful that we’ve literally never gone there without spotting huge schools of them wiggling and waving past.

Why are the others in the mix?

The higher entries are mainly great snorkelling spots that are roughly inside the city. The convenience of snorkelling without having to endure a long boat/car rides justifies their position. The others, including the islands may require a boat to get to, so they may be a little further down the list. They all get in because they all have, on good days, clear water with a healthy amount of marine life.

Final thoughts

Be safe, be safe, be safe. Knowing the conditions, snorkelling with a friend or with a group and learning about the layout are all must do’s. Silty water, high winds, rock-less shores, dangerous tides and fish-less coves are not your friend. Unfortunately these snorkelling hazards happen all too often and this can be a challenge, especially as the only real way of knowing is either a “surf cam” or physically going to the spot and looking for yourself. In short snorkelling in Perth can be a little hit and miss, but when its a hit, nothing can compare.

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