Top Ten sports teams

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Walk on the beach, drive past you local park or jog along a path and you’ll begin to notice something. Its hard to miss the sheer levels of people out and about exercising, playing or otherwise staying healthy. Happily for everyone who also enjoys watching sport this does translate to a higher than average number of sports teams. The top ten in this list is actually just a fraction of the sports covered in Perth.

Why are West Coast Eagles and Fremantle joint number 1?

We live in Perth so picking a favourite sports team could mean drastic things for us! For that reason we’ve left it up to the locals and the blow ins alike to vote on what is and what is not the best team the city has to offer. For some its the local team with local plans and for others it’s the team with international aspirations. Whatever it is for you just remember you can vote for more than one team!

What gets the others in?

There are many other elite sporting teams in Perth. Many compete in international competitions on a weekly basis.  The top ten sporting teams were picked for their popularity, their quality and the entertainment which can be enjoyed at their games and venues. The teams are not ranked by their respective sporting successes in any way

Final Thoughts

When choosing a sport to attend you need to consider the seasons and when and where exactly a team is playing. If for example you are coming to Perth for a week the best thing to do would be to go through the list and find out if any are playing at home on the days you will be in the city. Quite a few of the sports share stadiums. this means that at one side of the year one sport will be played and at the other end another will be played. With this in mind you shouldn’t have trouble finding something to watch on a nice warm weekend day.

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