Top Ten Sunday Sessions

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The Sunday session is something close to many Perthians Hearts. Born of odd licensing regulation it is now a stable part of the night scene in the city. So what exactly is a Sunday sesh? Well it’s a session of drinking and grazing on pub grub where you start drinking relatively early in the day. It usually finishes up fairly early (around 10-11pm) so it’s important to get a move on. While many will argue that the best Sunday Seshes are during the summer while the weather is still fine, some also like the winter sessions.

Top Rating Sunday Sessions

1 Queens - Highgate 4.78/5 (9)
2 The Breakwater - Hillarys 4.71/5 (7)
3 Ocean Beach Hotel - Cottesloe 4.71/5 (7)
4 Matisse Beach Club - Scarborough 4.33/5 (6)
5 Claremont Hotel - Claremont 4.33/5 (6)
6 Flying Scotsman - Perth 4/5 (6)
7 Left Bank - East Fremantle 3.43/5 (7)
8 Clarences Bar - Mount Lawley 3.38/5 (8)
9 Saint - Innaloo 3.2/5 (5)
10 Five bar - Mount Lawley 3.2/5 (5)

Couple of Sunday Session participants having a whale of a time

What gets a Sunday Session bar to number 1?

Getting to the number one spot in a Sunday Sesh list can be tricky. Yes it’s important that the location has a beer garden, a decent group table set up and a few other facilities (maybe a DJ but not always). But the fact is that it’s all about the group that frequents the place. You can go to the best bar in town and the place might just fall flat on a Sunday. What’s even more uncertain is that it can also depend on the time of year. A good summer time Sunday session spot might not have such good indoor facilities and visa versa.

What gets the others in?

The others get in because they all have a dedication to offering something special on a Sunday. It might be a DJ, it might be special offers or it might be a great crowd on the day. In all it is a difficult challenge to keep everyone happy especially considering the diverse groups which enjoy the weekly tradition. A good Sunday session spot really needs to offer patrons a great setting where friends can get to know each other and at the same time have that real party atmosphere.

Final thoughts

So get out there and enjoy the day. Remember it all ends at a relatively reasonable hour so there’s not so much of a concern about getting home too late. For many finding a good Sunday session spot is all about the age group or type of people who frequent the bar in question. For this reason it’s important to make quick decisions once you get to the bar. We say this because for some outdoor dance floors with a pool party vibe is heaven but for others that is hell on earth.

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