Top Ten Taste of Perth Festival

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Perth Food festivals are a special part of the cities cultural makeup. With their variety and depth of tastes they show us the huge choice that’s available in our cities culinary landscape. Taste of Perth is a world leading restaurant festival, one that will for just a few days, house the top restaurants in Perth. The festival runs annually in May. It promises more than enough features and a real serious social scene fit to fill one of our illustrious top tens.

taste of perth

What gets an entry to number 1?

Even those at the festival just to enjoy the food should put some thought into some of the hands on events that will expand their foodie horizons. An event or attraction will take the number one spot if those attending the event see that it offers the expected and the unexpected. Like with any top ten getting to the top on this list is hard, but worth it.

What gets the others into the mix?

These really are the best of the best at the festival, however there is more on the menu than just our ten. Thick with exhibitors and restaurants the celebration of food should offer something for even the fussiest of eaters. Indeed with the amount of different varieties of food available attendees should try and experience something out of their comfort zone, safe in the knowledge that they will be tasting the best possible versions of the dishes.

Final thoughts

The top ten above is just a fragment of what is on offer at the festival in Langley park. As a highly anticipated festival that has sister festivals in many other cities it’s only right for any self respecting foodie to get excited about Taste of Perth. The sheer number of exhibitors shows both the level of choice on offer and, as our top ten restaurants list will testify, the quality of the final product in the city. Located in Langley park transport shouldn’t be a challenge however with parking in the city public transport and taxi’s may be better options in terms of getting there and back.

What do you think of our top ten? We would love your feedback before and after the event.

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