Top Ten weekend mini trips

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We all know that cabin fever feeling. You want to get out of the house but you just don’t know where to go. This can hit during the week, but it’s much worse on the weekend. A weekend spent indoors feels like a wasted weekend. So what can be done? We here at Top Ten Perth are here to the rescue. We’ve built a nice list for you to check out the best places to see that are within a mini trip from the city. Nothing too far here, so you really do have no excuses to not get out there.

This fella is driving along in a nice old school car, I wonder where he's off to. He looks fantastic in any case.

What gets a weekend mini trip to number 1?

A really great mini trip is always worth the petrol and the time it takes to get there. Some will offer something really interesting indoors and some will offer a great outdoor experience. In all the most important thing is that what’s on offer is truly unique and can impress even the most demanding of explorers. Perth has a lot of these spots so competition is intense. A number one location will know what the customer wants and will make every effort to meet their expectations. The ones that feature highly will always need to offer this.

What gets the others in?

Since competition is so high it is difficult to get into this list. The city has a lot of places within a short drive and some are even fairly easy to get to by public transport. What gets an entry in is their dedication to the experience itself. Attention to detail is important in any business, but in the experience business it’s more important than anything else. A good mini trip needs to offer more than just a bar, or a restaurant or  a some other product or service. A good mini trip needs to tell a story which means something and captures the imagination.

Final thoughts

Finding great mini trips can feel like finding a hidden gem. Sometimes when you find these places it feels like a just reward for your explorer instincts. Experiencing something interesting is fun, but finding something that you feel like everyone else has overlooked can feel amazing. With all of that in mind get out there and enjoy everything the city has to offer, there really are some very special places and it would be a shame to miss them because you were too busy watching TV.

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